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 Animation Programs
  Sheridan College
St. Clair College
Centennial College

College Animation Programs:

    What the College Animation Programs are Looking for:
    • Artistic ability
    • Strong Portfolio
    • Enthusiasm
    • Procedural Approach
    • Creativity

Typical Portfolio Requirements:
  1. Statement of Intent.

  2. Drawing Test: eg. create 2 drawings of the same room. Choose an unusual vantage point. Try to create a pleasing composition with accurate perspective.

  3. A rendered drawing of a still-life that you set up, including one piece of cloth material.

  4. 3 drawings of your own hand in different relaxed positions, rendered in soft pencil.

  5. 12 Life Drawings from a model; gesture drawings of less than 1 minute. Use charcoal or conte if possible.

  6. Samples from sketchbooks demonstrating creativity and experimentation.

  7. 10 additional pieces of artwork from categories such as: colour rendering, computer graphics, illustration, painting, animation layout, character design, photography, sculpture etc. Colour copies are recommended.

    Do not send originals, they may not return them to you.

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