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Animation Services: » Click on thumbnail image to view Demo Reels.

Design: »
Our Design Principles: -Contrast and Tension
-Straights and Curves
-Detail vs. Simplicity
-Shape and Form
-Symmetry vs. Randomness

Animation: »
Animation is unique in the film world in that it is possible for an individual to solely create a polished, professional final product. There is a world wide Animation community that meets annually at Animation festivals. Successful auteur Animators enjoy international recognition and respect as Artists.

Modelling and Visualization: »
Animation has become a vital visualization tool for everything from complex mechanical systems to courtroom reenactments. The ability for computer animation software to duplicate real world physics allows designers to create realistic simulations in order to test the viability of a product before putting it into full production.

Titles and Show Openings: »
Specialized Title sequences became on of the mainstays of motion-graphics
Artists such as Saul Bass in the early '50's. Animation lends itself
to opening sequences due to the limitless options in style and technique.

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