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COREefx Staff:
Trevor Davies graduated in Media Communications from Emily Carr
Institute of Art and Design, in Vancouver in the early 80's.
He has worked in Film & Television since that time
as an Effects & Character Animator.

Deb Davies is a Producer at CORE. She sold their first project,
(a documentary half-hour on the Canadian Theatre for the Deaf)
to Rogers in 1981, on a trip back to Toronto from BC.
Since that time Deb has handled all budgets
and finacial matters for the company.
She is currently heading up development on several in-house projects.

Trevor began with the NFB in Vancouver and has worked in Toronto for
for Film Effects, Monster by Mistake, Nelvana and YTV.
He has taught part-time for the past 7 years.
In 1986 Trevor founded CORE Animated Effects Ltd.

Associates: »
Over the years we have regularly teamed up with the same group
of Designers and Animators in order to branch out and tackle
more ambitious projects.

Graphic Action (Web Design): »
Graphic Action is a Toronto based Graphic Design firm familiar with
Animation and Web Design. We are curently in co-production
with Graphic Action on several web-based entertainment properties.
(click on image at right to view the Graphic Action Website)

Caswell Design (Design and Storyboards): »
Caswell Design has been a supplier of Animation Design,
Layout and Storyboards for the past 20 years. COREefx has
always enjoyed their cooperative ventures.
(click on image at right to view the Caswell Design Website)

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